Bill Norris Author & Raconteur


My first book is a raconteur’s account of the history of New Orleans. The book,

DOWN IN NEW ORLEANS: True Stories of a Fabled City

by William C Norris Ph.D.,presents the great stories that

comprise the city’s narrative.


You’ll meet the people and events that made the city special.





I retired after teaching two classes at Delgado Community College in New Orleans. One was Professional Tour Guiding I and the other was Tour Guiding Research & Storytelling II. Originally this was set to be a Bill Norris blog created to share notes from books I read that became part of my New Orleans storytelling. They comprise some of my sources for great stories. Much of the history of New Orleans and Louisiana is outlined in my early blog postings.



In 1990 my wife and I moved into the French Quarter as an interesting place to pass our senior years. The Quarter, the city and the state simply oozed with stories. We took Mary Helen Schaefer’s Professional Tour Guiding Class at Delgado Community College. I went on to the Friends of the Cabildo class, following that with an audit of Historic Architecture at Tulane University. Soon I found myself enjoying telling the stories to residents and tourists. Mary Helen asked me to take over her class when she retired after Katrina, which I did. This book is the result of telling these historical stories over the past fifteen or twenty years.


Bill Norris

DOWN IN NEW ORLEANS: True Stories of a Fabled City