Marie-Madeleine Hachard – Ursuline nun and writer of 1700’s colony

Women have played important roles across the history of fabled city of New Orleans.  One of the earliest women I love to tell of was young Marie-Madeleine Hachard who turned out to be a storyteller in her own right.  Born in 1704 in France she joined the Ursuline nuns for the journey to the wilderness of Louisiana in what amounted to as  Peace Corps mission to serve in a needy world. She wrote letters to her father about her travels, adventures, and scenes in New Orleans in 1727.  Her father, inspire by her wisdom and insight, saved them all to print what would become the first book published about Louisiana.

More of Marie-Madeleine’s story is recounted in chapter one French Louisiana 1682-1763 of DOWN IN NEW ORLEANS by Bill Norris


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  1. Hey Bill,

    Congratulations on your book “Down in New Orleans”.

    Myself and Leslie Smallwood were former students (probably two of your favorites!) at Delgado. Leslie said she ran into you a few weeks ago. We would love to get autographed copies of your book! I would gladly pick up a couple of copies at the store and meet you to sign them for us. Please let me know if this is possible.

    Thank you,

    Cheryl Caprera
    (Friend of the Cabildo and F.Q. Tour Guide)

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