Notes on Acadians

5/14/02  wcn

1632 – 1654 French colonists crossed the Atlantic to a Canadian colony operated by the Company of New France.  They were from 7 provinces in the west central region of France, due south of Normandy.  La Rochelle was the port nearby.  Seeking to escape the religious Protestant/Catholic wars and the famines and epidemics that followed, they chose to immigrate.

By 1755 the British in the French & Indian War were taking over Acadia, the region around Nova Scotia.  They imported English sympathizers, rounding up the French for deportation.  The men were told to appear at the fort.  Four hundred appeared and were arrested, to their surprise, then deported.  This began the deportations to the east coast of America, San Domingue and by 1765 192 Acadians had immigrated to Louisiana.  Read More

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Bill Norris, Instructor


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Creoles:    Kein, Sybil, Creole

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