Juan St. Malo & Cimarrons – Corrections & Additions to New Orleans Advocate article

The New Orleans Advocate newspaper on August 7th, 2016 carried an article about Juan St. Malo, runaway slave in Spanish Colonial Louisiana. The article in the Historically Speaking section referred to him a Jean Saint Malo. In the Spanish judicial records he was known as Juan St. Malo in 1780’s. He had run away from... Continue Reading →

Native American Projectiles of LA

Louisiana Projectile Points Listed by Shape http://www.projectilepoints.net/Pages/Searches/States/LouisianaShape.htm#Other Corner notched           Basal notched             Contracting stem         Lanceolate Leaf                             Side notched               Notched expanded head Stemmed                     Articulate                    Triangle Native Americans in Louisiana by Richard Anderson Pre-historic Native American Cultures: There are not any written records for the Prehistoric era. The major difference between the Prehistoric era and the Historic era... Continue Reading →

Indians in this hemisphere – 1491 by Chas Mann – notes

Charles C.Mann, 1491:New Revelations of America before Columbus, 2006: Vintage Books, N:Y., 541 pps. February 24, 2009 “The Americas were immeasurably busier, more diverse, and more populous than had previously been imagined. And older too.” p.17 Unfortunately a census of the population is impossible. Scholars have placed the range of population in this hemisphere before... Continue Reading →

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