Granddaughter Laura Maxine Fairbanks Interviews The Old Raconteur

This interview took place in the front room of our little shotgun home in the French Quarter.  Laura Maxine Fairbanks, Laura to her friends and Maxie to family receives her middle name from my mother Maxine Peters Norris Juban.

Maxie interviewed me for a project.

HUMAN ORIGINS – What Does It Mean to Be Human? Post & Sloan, National Geographic:Washington DC, 2010, 175 pps.

What Does It Mean to Be Human?  Post & Sloan, National Geographic:Washington DC, 2010, 175 pps. Book Notes By Bill Norris, Ph.D.   4/3/11

This book presents the story of human origins over the past 6 million years, combining archaeological, artifact and genetic data to reveal the saga. It is a companion book with the exhibit of the same name at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Here is a list of human developments: Read More

The Progression of Progress



Bill Norris

August 8, 2010

The question was raised, “Why did it take so many millenia for progress as we know it to take place?” Communications, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, transportation, food and other advancements have only been recent in the human experience. “What slowed the progress?” To answer these questions I read the National Geographic: A Concise History of Science and Invention which has 352 pages of pictures, charts, and narrative that lay out developments in the human experience. Read More